Carolina Liquid Chemistries launches EZ 2-Part Reagent Vitamin D

July 9, 2018

Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. (CLC), also known as The Reagent Company, has been providing chemistry reagents to clinical laboratories for over 25 years. CLC recently has added to their menu the EZ Vitamin D assay. The EZ Vitamin D assay is intended for use in clinical laboratories for the quantitative determination of 25-OH vitamin D (Vitamin D) in human serum and plasma, using automated chemistry analyzers. Measurement of Vitamin D is for the assessment of vitamin D deficiency, which has been linked to many diseases including osteoporosis, rickets, and osteomalacia.

The EZ Vitamin D Assay is the first and only 2-part, latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay for use on automated chemistry analyzers. It is liquid stable allowing clinical laboratories to run the EZ Vitamin D test in house, at a cost-effective price, without the need for special instrumentation. The EZ Vitamin D assay requires no sample pre-treatment or pre-dilution and recognizes both 25-OH Vitamin D2 and D3 equally. The new assay ensures high assay throughput, precision CV of <10% and a linear range from 7.6 – 147.8 ng/mL. It is FDA-cleared and correlates to LC-MS/MS methods.