A Leading Provider of Chemistry Analyzers and Instruments for All Sizes of Laboratories

Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. (CLC) is a leading provider of chemistry analyzers and reagents for use in reference laboratories and clinical laboratories in hospitals, laboratories located in physician offices, and veterinary facilities. Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. was founded by entrepreneur and award-winning innovator Phil Shugart in 1994 and is still led by him today. For nearly 30 years, CLC has successfully brought to market multiple reagents for a wide variety of chemistry instruments.

CLC helps clinical laboratories reduce their operational costs through the use of their chemistry analyzers and broad offering of reagents. While CLC has forged a solid reputation for its chemistry reagents for use on common platforms such Olympus AU, CLC also offers a line of branded analyzers. From floor models to benchtop models, CLC’s products bring cost-effective and reliable solutions to laboratories worldwide.

CLC’s brand of analyzers – CLC6410, CLC1600, CLC800, and CLC480/BioLis24i– have been scaled to meet the needs of small, mid-sized, or large clinical laboratories. They are easy to use, accurate, reliable, and economical. Automated processes and convenient barcoded liquid reagents allow CLC’s chemistry analyzers to reduce human error.

Quality assurance and regulatory compliance are paramount to the CLC team. CLC’s technical support and field service teams are ready to back you up to ensure you receive accurate and timely results. Our staff of exceptionally trained engineers and specialists provide superb on- and off-site technical support, preventative maintenance services, validation assistance, and training to our nearly 2,000 customers worldwide.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries is a privately-held, veteran-owned, ISO-certified company, and FDA-registered manufacturer re-packager and relabeller.