Seamaty SMT-120VP Portable Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer


Veterinary automated portable biochemistry analyzer

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The SMT-120VP is a new compact portable chemistry analyzer offered by Carolina Liquid Chemistries that encompasses electrolyte and immunoassay capabilities for animal health diagnosis producing accurate results.

The Seamaty SMT-120VP realizes the miniaturization and automation of the chemistry analyzer by microfluidic technology. This chemistry analyzer offers:

  • Small and portable (compact size)
  • Built-in intelligent quality control system
  • Accurate and reliable test results
  • Ease of operation
  • Portability allows veterinarians to bring testing to large animals
  • Small sample volume

This chemistry analyzer is an ideal diagnostic tool that helps veterinarians assess the health of animals, and it has become the professional choice of thousands of veterinary hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Portable and Easy to Carry

At only 4kg, the Seamaty SMT-120VP veterinary chemistry analyzer was designed to be portable and to have a small footprint, ensuring that your team can use it anywhere at any time.

Simple to Use

This chemistry analyzer is very easy to operate with no need to dilute manually. Dilution, centrifugation, quality control and test result printout occur automatically.

Lifetime Maintenance

The Seamaty SMT-120VP chemistry analyzer does not require maintenance consumable items, such as tubing, pumps, or valves. Overall, this saves on maintenance expenses.

Accurate Results

This chemistry analyzer utilizes photoelectric colorimetric principle to eliminate random error and cross contamination.

Seamaty SMT-120VP Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Seamaty SMT-120VP with rotor drawer open

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Rotor NameItem #Description
16 Health Check ParametersAW01981ALB, AMY, Ca, LPS, TC, TP, Crea, GLU, TB, ALT, AST, CK, BUN, TG, PHOS, A/G*, B/C*, GLOB*
10 Pre-operation Test ParametersAW01982ALT, AST, ALP, B/C, CK, Crea, GLU, TP, BUN, LDH, B/C*
24 Comprehensive TestAW01980ALB, Crea, BUN, LPS, AMY, LDH, UA, AST, TP, TB, Ca, CK, TC, GGT, TG, PHOS, GLU, TBA, ALP, ALT, GLOB*, A/G*, B/C*, tCO2
12 Electrolyte Plus ParametersAW01985Crea, GLU, BUN, PHOS, CL-, Na+, pH, K+, tCO2, LAC, MG, CA

* Calculated

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