Mindray BC-5390


Auto Hematology Analyzer: 5-Part Diff

The new BC-5390 Auto Hematology Analyzer provides rapid and reliable test from just 33uL of blood. Utilizing three mainstream technologies: laser scatter, flow cytometry and chemical dye, BC-5390 can provide accurate differential readout. In order to save time and increase walk-away automation, an autoloader is equipped to hold 40 tubes one time and achieve 60 samples/hr throughput. With the popular windows-based software, you can easily perform the routine tests, manage patient results, set up auto-cleaning and connect with LIS server. BC-5390 is your ideal choice to streamline daily workflow.

  • Semi-conductor laser combined with chemical dye method advanced flow cytometry
  • 21 parameters with complete 5-part differentiation (CBC+DIFF) on white blood cells
  • 40-tubes autoloader with random access
  • Closed tube for STAT samples
  • Capability to flag abnormal samples
  • Only 33 l sample volume for CBC + DIFF results
  • Up to 60 samples processed per hour
  • Supports whole blood mode for capillary sample
  • Large storage capacity: up to 100,000 samples
  • Support bi-directional LIS connection
  • Customization on reference range, auto-cleaning schedule and report format


  • H x D x W, Weight: 20.6 x 23.2 x 22.4 inches, ≤ 143 lbs
  • Throughput:
    • Up to 60 samples per hour with autoloader
    • Up to 51 samples per hour with closed mode
    • Up to 53 samples per hour with predilute mode
Mindray BC-5390 Auto Hematology Analyzer

Auto Hematology Analyzer