Chemistry analyzers and reagents for clinical and veterinary laboratories of all sizes

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New FDA-cleared Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

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The Difference Is Key

Find out the difference between Olympus and CLC clinical chemistry analyzers.

Download these factsheets to review the differences in price, quality, costs of reagents and technical specifications between the Olympus AU5800 and the CLC6410, and the Olympus AU680 and the CLC1600.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries offers industry-leading clinical chemistry analyzers, testing reagents and support/service for all sizes of clinical laboratories: physician, hospital and reference.

Chemistry Analyzers

Our leading-edge lines of clinical chemistry analyzers for all sizes of laboratories

Reagents & Service

A complete line of general chemistry and toxicology (urine drug screening) reagents, support and service

Refurbished Products

Affordable, refurbished Olympus and Biolis clinical chemistry analyzers for laboratories

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