About Phil Shugart


About Phil Shugart, Founder and CEO of Carolina Liquid Chemistries

Phil Shugart founded Carolina Liquid Chemistries in Brea, California in 1994 and has led the company’s expansion and growth for more than 20 years. Shugart has a long history in the medical device and instrument industry.

Phil Shugart began his career with the medical device manufacturer, Coulter Electronics, and then with Beckman Instruments. Phil’s successful career in sales and marketing earned him the responsibilities of National Sales Manager and he eventually became the Director of Marketing. After 20 years at Beckman, Phil accepted the position as Director of Sales and Marketing for Olympus America in New York City. Olympus America manufactured Clinical Chemistry Analyzers. After this Shugart moved back to California and founded Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. (CLC) in 1994.

Since founding Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Phil Shugart has become an expert in the field and has been at the helm of the latest technologies and innovations in the space. In 2015, Carolina Liquid Chemistries launched its family of chemistry analyzers for all sizes of clinical laboratories. Phil received the NC Biotechnology Entrepreneur of the Year Award in May, 2014.