COVID-19 Specimen Collection Supplies – with Sputolysin – backup


Sputolysin, Viral Transport Media (VTM), Swabs, and other Supplies

CLC offers COVID-19 testing solutions for clinical laboratories


  • For solubilizing sputum samples prior to microbiology testing

  • Sterile concentrate of Dithiothreitol solution in a pack of 10 x 10 mL

  • 10 fold dilution with sterile distilled water before mixing with samples

  • Storage at room temperature with 2-year of shelf life

Bartels FlexTrans™ Medium

The Bartels FlexTrans™ Transport Medium is intended to stabilize viruses, and suppress microbial contamination during transport of clinical specimens from the point of collection to the testing site.

  • FDA 510(k) cleared
  • 3mL of transport medium in a 15mL conical centrifuge tube allowing specimen collection, transport and processing in the same container.
  • The transport tube also contains glass beads to aid in the disruption of patient cells in the specimen, with subsequent release of viruses into the medium.
  • Prior to use, store at room temperature, 2-8ºC or -70ºC. The expiration dating on the vial applies to each storage temperature. The antifungal agent present in the FlexTrans™ kit may be light sensitive. It is recommended that the tubes are stored in the box or in the dark.
  • Manufactured in USA

Ultra-Thin Nasal & Nasopharyngeal Specimen Collection Swab

Ultra-Thin Innovative nylon Nasal Flocked Swabs for lab professionals conducting specimen collection.

Important Documents

PDF icon Product Brochure


  • Product # NCS4001
  • Inner diameter swab’s loop is 1.50mm
  • Diameter cross section of the loop frame 0.12mm
  • Length of the flocking fiber is 2.0mm
  • Fineness of the flocking fiber is 6.67dtex
  • Fiber density is 300µg/mm
  • Absorbing capacity of 165µL
  • Break point 80mm
Sterile Ultra-Thin for Nasal & Nasopharyngeal specimen collection swab
  • Sterile Ultra-Thin for Nasal & Nasopharyngeal specimen collection
  • Ergonomic and anatomic design of the swab tip improves patient comfort and optimum specimen collection with each strand of fiber being a velvet-like brush creating thousands of collection points and rapid release into media
  • Compatible with rapids, EIA, molecular, DFA, cytology, bacteriology and viral culture applications
  • Safe and convenient breakpoint for Handling and Transportation
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Shaft and 100% Nylon Tip
  • Individually packaged in Paper peel pouch for easy removal for use
  • Pre-molded break point to easily break the handle leaving the collection portion in the media tube before sealing the media tube
  • For use with majority of media tubes and “BARTELS FLEX TRANSTM” media collection kit