CLC Now Offers Aldolase Assay for Use on Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

November 11, 2019

Reagent Aids in Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction and Liver Disease

GREENSBORO, NC — (November 11, 2019) — Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Corp. (CLC), an innovative leader in clinical diagnostics, announces a new addition to its menu of reagents: the Aldolase Reagent Pack for use on clinical chemistry analyzers. Serum Aldolase is one of the principal diagnostic aids for muscle disease. It is also a diagnostic tool for myocardial infarction and liver disease. The new Aldolase assay has been developed for the quantitative determination of Aldolase in serum. The ready-to-use liquid reagent, a modified Pinto method, is formulated to eliminate interference from pyruvates. Open stability is 30 days if stored at 2 – 8ºC. CLC also offers controls and calibrators for this assay.
The ready-to-use liquid reagent is designed for use on a wide variety of clinical chemistry analyzers. Application sheets are available for, but not limited to, the Bayer ADVIA 1650, Beckman CX 7, Cobas Mira, Dimension RXL, Hitachi 717 Aldolase, Olympus AU 400, 600, 640, 2700, 5400, and Olympus B, and the CLC Family of Clinical Chemistry Analyzers.
“We’re excited about adding this new assay to our comprehensive reagent menu,” says Patti Shugart, chief operating officer of Carolina Liquid Chemistries.
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Aldolase Test