Carolina Liquid Chemistries Successfully Launches High-Speed Benchtop Analyzer

June 26, 2018

Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp., known for its clinical chemistry analyzers and reagents, announces the successful launch of Medica Corporation’s high-speed benchtop analyzer, the EasyRA®. The refreshed EasyRA clinical chemistry analyzer now offers double the throughput, operating at a photometric rate of up to 240 tests per hour or up to 480 tests per hour with ISE.

The EasyRA urine drug screening and general chemistry reagents are CLIA categorized as moderately complex. The test menu consists of 14 urine drugs of abuse tests and 35 general chemistry tests. The EasyRA is well suited for a variety of test centers including STAT labs, physician office laboratories, pain management clinics, and urgent care centers. This all-in-one system allows clinical laboratories to screen for drugs of abuse in urine while also allowing healthcare providers to assess routine chemistry panels including CMPs, lipids and liver enzymes on a single, easy-to-use analyzer.