Customer Satisfaction Survey


Please take a few moments to share your feedback with Carolina Liquid Chemistries

1. Please rate your satisfaction pertaining to interaction with Carolina Liquid Chemistries employees.
2. Please rate your satisfaction with the time frame your questions and concerns have been handled.
3. Would you recommend Carolina Liquid Chemistries to others?
4. Do you know CLC offers the following Rapid Diagnostics products?
  1. • Infectious Disease – Covid-19/Flu, Flu A & B, Strep, Mono
  2. • Cardiac Markers – Troponin and Myoglobin
  3. • Women’s Health Products – Status hCG tests
  4. • G.I Health – H.Pylori and iFOBT
5. Would you be interested in getting information on the above Rapid Diagnostics products?
6. When do you anticipate upgrading your current chemistry system?
7. Would you be interested in getting additional information on CLC branded chemistry analyzers?

Questions 8-9 pertain to customers who purchased CLC chemistry analyzers.

8. Please rate how prepared you were to operate and troubleshoot your instrument after installation and training.
9. Based on your customer experience with CLC, when it is time to replace your chemistry analyzer, would you purchase another chemistry analyzer that meets your needs from CLC? Why or why not?