CLC480/Biolis24i Chemistry Analyzer

The Best Bench-top Clinical Chemistry Analyzer on the Market

CLC480/Biolis24i Chemistry Analyzer

The best bench-top clinical chemistry analyzer on the market, this analyzer is also useful as an affordable backup, STAT lab analyzer or special chemistry analyzer. Features of a high throughput floor model built into a compact affordable bench top. Discover how your can reap the benefits of a speedy, efficient and economical chemistry analyzer . Experience the capabilities of the CLC480 / Biolis24i bench top chemistry analyzer.

With more than 4,000 CLC480/Biolis24i chemistry analyzers in use worldwide, this chemistry analyzer is a trusted bench top solution for clinical laboratories located in physician offices. This analyzer is also useful as an affordable back up analyzer or stat lab analyzer.

Fast Facts

  • Discrete, random access, fully automated
  • Up to 240 photometric plus 160 ISE, up to 400 tests/hour
  • No disposable cuvettes required
  • Barcoded sample tubes and ready-to-use reagents
  • Bidirectional interface with host query
  • Electrolytes by ion selection electrodes
  • 30-day onboard reagent stability
  • 14-day calibration stability (for most analytes)
  • 24 hour reagent cooling
  • STAT capabilities
  • Less operational noise
  • Wavelength 340 – 800 nm
  • Access to up to 100 CLC reagents with peer group survey
  • Cost-effective Service Contracts
  • Validation Assistance and Pre-site Installation Checklist
  • No Charge Hotline Phone Support

More about the CLC480/Biolis24i Chemistry Analyzer

Reusable Cuvettes

The CLC480/Biolis24i uses reusable cuvettes; you wont need to purchase individual reaction cuvettes to be used with each test or have to worry about disposing used cuvettes as hazardous waste.

Water System

The CLC480/Biolis24i uses a water system which eliminates the costs associated with water cubes and their storage space.

LIS Compatibility

The CLC480/Biolis24i is compatible with most LIS systems, which eliminates the need for paper documents.