SMT-100V Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

A Powerful and Compact Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

SMT-100V Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

The SMT-100V is a powerful, portable veterinary chemistry analyzer for animal health diagnostics. It provides precise results based on just two drops (100 ul) of whole blood, serum or plasma. Get better, faster and more accurate diagnoses with this easy to use chemistry analyzer.

The SMT-100V is fully automated with a 7-inch touch screen and an optimized operation interface. Multi-parameter testing provides results in 12 minutes and reduces waiting times.

SMT-100V Fast Facts

  • Fully automated and easy to operate
  • Wet chemistry provides accuracy
  • A single disk offers 14 tests
  • Get test results in 12 minutes
  • Compact and portable

Veterinary Reagent Disks

  • 14 comprehensive diagnostic parameters
  • 13 health check parameters
  • 10 emergency and severe disease parameters
  • 9 liver function parameters
  • 8 kidney function parameters
  • 7 electrolyte parameters
  • 9 pre-operation test parameters
  • 11 birds and crawlers parameters
  • Additional custom parameters