NanoEntek FREND System – Rapid Immunoassay Analyzer


Immunoassay instrument that utilizes disposable cartridge to provide in vitro diagnostics results.

  • Accurate & compact/Easy-to-use
  • Rapid immunoassay
  • Small sample volume analysis
  • Innovative microchip and microfluidic technologies
  • Flexible platform for multiple tests

The FREND™ System is a small, fast and near-patient in vitro diagnostic for a measurement of biomarkers in patient samples.

Key Advantage: One drop! 3 minutes!

With a simple 3 step operation and a wide range of disease markers, the system supports quick decision-making. It is expected to increase patients’ satisfaction and a hospital’s profitability by improving the effectiveness the test.

Key Technology: Microfluidics Technology Leader

The FREND™ System is an in vitro diagnostic device that uses microfluidics technology and immunofluorescent techniques. Disposable plastic microfluid chip continuously mixes, reacts, separates, and analysis on the chip. This is a source technology that is the foundation for bioengineering experiments and point-of-care test (POCT).

Excellent Quality Control

Use the QC cartridge to quickly check the integrity of the system. The FREND™ System cleared 510(k) as the in vitro diagnostic (IVD). The code chip significantly reduces possible errors in between test values and LOT variation, hence provides more accurate results.

Superior Accuracy

The FREND™ System received FDA 510(k) clearance as the in-vitro diagnostics which provides a high correlation with large machinery and provides accurate results.

FDA 510(k) clearance

PSA Plus, TSH, Free T4, Testosterone and Vitamin D cleared from FDA 510(k).