Refurbished and Used Olympus AU400, AU480, AU640, AU680, AU2700 and AU5800

Affordable, Refurbished Olympus AU Chemistry Analyzers

In addition to our established line of outstanding chemistry analyzers, Carolina Liquid Chemistries is also a one-stop shop for affordable, refurbished Olympus AU400, AU480, AU640, AU680, AU2700 and AU5800 chemistry analyzers for clinical laboratories. We also provide reagents and outstanding service and support for these products for all our clients.

Clinical laboratories seeking high throughput systems should look into Carolina Liquid Chemistries’ CLC6410 high volume modular clinical chemistry analyzer.

With every refurbished Olympus AU product, Carolina Liquid Chemistries provides a range of features and services:

  • A one-year warranty to protect your laboratory from serious expenses if the purchased item has to be repaired or replaced.
  • A free hotline you can call for support, if you have questions about the products performance.
  • Installation at a time that is convenient for your company, so you can get you new purchase up and running on your own timeline.
  • An operator training course at a time that is also convenient, in order to ensure the purchased equipment can be operated correctly.
  • Validation assistance: an extra set of hands for data reduction.
  • A pre-installation site survey in order to help ensure that the purchased equipment will meet your dedicated space requirements in the clinical laboratory.
  • An on-site service response time of 24 hours or less, so you can get any issues addressed and get back to work.
  • A phone response time of 15 minutes or fewer between 8 am and 8 pm EST, so laboratories won’t have to wait a long time to address any concerns.

The AU series of chemistry instruments is an affordable solution, designed for buyers who are cost-conscious but still need good equipment. At Carolina Liquid Chemistries, you will find a full line of reagents for use with Olympus AU chemistry analyzers, along with exemplary service and support. Now, clinical laboratories no longer have to sacrifice quality and service in order to get equipment for an affordable price.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries is an FDA-registered and ISO-certified manufacturer, re-packager, and re-labeler of clinical chemistry instruments and reagents. Customers of Carolina Liquid Chemistries benefit from outstanding quality and value, along with excellent service and support both before, during, and after purchase.

When you buy a refurbished Olympus AU chemistry analyzer from Carolina Liquid Chemistries, you can be confident that the chemistry analyzer you have chosen has undergone a rigorous quality assurance process. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and follow controlled standing operating procedures to properly tear down, clean, disinfect and rebuild, along with meeting required performance qualifications prior to shipment.

All customers receive the documentation with their refurbished chemistry analyzer, including the operator manual, a warranty document, a quality assurance certificate, and a certificate of testing.

Call us at 1-877-722-8910 or email [email protected] to learn more about a specific Olympus AU chemistry analyzer or to get a quote on making a purchase.

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