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CLC OFFERS CLC6410 Modular Chemistry Analyzer ( Click Here >> )

Carolina Liquid Chemistries: Specialists in General Chemistry and Urine Drug Testing Reagents,Refurbished Chemistry Analyzers, and Exemplary Service

Vitamin D-direct™ from Carolina Liquid Chemistries

  • Vitamin D results in 20 minutes
  • No sample pre-treatment — Direct
  • Measures Total 25-OH Vitamin D (both D2 and D3)
  • Correlates with LC/MS/MS
  • Random Access – run with other tests
  • Precise, Sensitive & Specific: Linearity to 147.8 ng/mL
  • Ready-to-Use Liquid Reagents
  • 30-day On-Board Stability
More information on Vitamin D-direct™ from Carolina Liquid Chemistries >>

State-of-the-Art Chemistry Analyzers

Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. offers a complete product line of chemistry analyzers, including the benchtop CLC480, the revolutionary CLC720i, and the new high-volume CLC6410. The CLC480/BiOLiS24i, have more than 4,000 placements worldwide. The floor model CLC720i is unmatched in its class for ease-of-use, speed, efficiency, and reliability. CLC chemistry analyzers are hugely successful due to the accessibility of CLC's extensive test menu of more than 80 general chemistries, 28+ urine drug tests, and adulterants. Trade in your old analyzer for a new faster CLC analyzer.


Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. offers bar-coded chemistry reagents, parts, supplies and service for use on Beckman Synchron and Olympus AU instruments. Carolina Chemistries continues to offer used Olympus AU 400, 600's, 2700, BS200 instruments and Synchron CX, DX, and LX instruments that range in throughput from 180 to 1,400 tests per hour.

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