CLC1600 High Throughput Chemistry Analyzer Receives FDA Clearance

October 5, 2015

Carolina Liquid Chemistries Completes the Family of Chemistry Analyzers for All Sizes of Clinical Laboratories – CLC1600 High Throughput Chemistry Analyzer Receives FDA Clearance to Market

Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. (CLC) recently completed their branded line of chemistry analyzers which completes their all new family of instruments. The FDA cleared the CLC1600 as part of the CLC6410 family for use with a variety of methods. Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp, known for providing clinical laboratories with instruments and reagents that run over 80 different tests to diagnose and treat patients, now offers the CLC720i, CLC800, CLC1600, and the CLC6410. The CLC1600 meets the needs of a high volume clinical laboratory, while offering current technology typically not available on older analyzers on the market.

The CLC1600 produces up to 900 photometric tests per hour and 1200 tests per hour including electrolytes. Advanced features of the CLC1600 include user friendly, intuitive Windows 7 Pro software, dual sample wheels with 140 positions. The CLC1600 can run 66 two-part reagents or 132 single-part reagents. The reagent wheel accommodates reagents with up to 4 parts. This instrument saves time and decreases operational cost, while increasing productivity.

“Our scientists, regulatory and marketing team have done an excellent job delivering to the market a much needed family of instruments that share the same reagent cartridge and reagent formulations. This means that laboratories with a multiple locations and a need for a variety of analyzers can standardize results and purchases throughout their facilities,” says Phil Shugart, President and CEO.

“We now offer the CLC480 bench-top for smaller clinical laboratories, the CLC800 for mid-volume labs, the CLC1600 for the high volume laboratory, and the CLC6410 modular for large core and reference labs. Our product line is incredibly flexible. If you are looking to start a lab, update a chemistry analyzer or if you’re an IDN or GPO trying to standardize and streamline instruments and reagents, CLC has something new to offer”.

CLC offers the complete chemistry solution by providing instrumentation with a range in throughput from 400 to 6400 tests per hour. The company’s extensive reagent line includes general chemistry tests in the comprehensive metabolic, lipid, liver, renal and electrolyte panels, as well as special tests such as vitamin D, urine drug screens and more. The company offers all of the calibrators, controls, parts and supplies to support the instruments and reagents, along with installation, warranty and service contracts supported by their nationwide field service and technical support group. CLC customers are trained in their new Customer Training and Education Center, located in the prestigious Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, in downtown Winston-Salem, NC.